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Meet Christian

Being in the hospitality industry taught me the importance of the client experience and also knowing how to keep a level head when new situations arise. This lesson helped me cultivate the business aspect of our company and it guides our company forward. I have had many mentors during my career behind the lens some notable mentions are Kyle over at Falcon HD Videos, Yolanda at Yolanda Hill Photography, and of course Sunny from Sunny Lee Photography. With such fantastic mentors and the experience of hundreds of weddings I pride myself in assuring my clients that they are in fantastic hands, and if something was to arise you can bet I will handle it professionally and with a smile on my face. 

If I am not at a wedding or behind the computer editing you will find me sipping topo chico seltzer water, planning the next state to visit, and working on improving the business cause it's what I love to do. If you made it this far know that I appreciate you even taking the time to read and I can't wait to hear from you !

Meet Fern

Photography has always been my calling, the joy of capturing precious through my lens is something that I can never get enough of. Currently learning Videography from Christian to expand my horizon as a artist, can't wait to master this skill. As we embark on this incredible journey together, I want you to know that I am not just a photographer you hire—I am your friend and confidant. Building a genuine connection with you allows me to capture the rawest and most heartfelt moments of your journey. I want to create a seamless and comfortable experience for you, ensuring that every aspect of your day is beautifully captures.

And when it comes to the personal side of things, I am a tea enthusiast, add K-Drama into a mixed, life is perfect! While some may prefer the beach, I find solace in the mountains. And if you're a dog lover like me, I understand the importance of including your furry friend in your special day.

So let's celebrate your journey together, where photography becomes more than just images—it becomes an exhilarating, heartfelt, and magical experience that will be treasured for a lifetime!

Co founder/ photographer & editor

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Journey of 2 strangers

Our Story

Who knew an invitation to photograph the sunrise would lead to something like this. Back before Fern and I were together I got my first camera and admittedly I knew nothing about how to use it and even less about how to create great images with it so I hatched up a plan to go on my first photoshoot. A friend once told me that "if you can photograph the sun rising you can photograph anything." given at the time didn't make much sense but I still thought to myself let's do that then lets do a timelapse of the sun rising. At the time I was talking to Fern and figured why not ask and see if she would want to come, I thought for sure she was going to say "no" because who in their right mind closes a restaurant one night and the very next day wake up bright and early to see the sun rise (in December mind you). But to my surprise she said "yes" . From that day on we rarely had a day apart we learned a lot from trial and error and we also found some incredible mentors but from the first camera all the way to our own business we have supported each other and have grown with each other. 

Together we ensure our clients have a wonderful experience from the planning, posing, to the wedding day itself. Our team wants nothing more than to guide you through this experience and have you feeling like it's just the beginning of your journey and we are here to celebrate with you!


At All for One Creations, we strive to provide you with a wedding experience that is filled with joy, ease, and unforgettable moments. From the moment you choose us as your photography and videography partner, we are dedicated to ensuring that every step of your journey is met with professionalism, creativity, and personalized attention.

"It was such an easy decision to go with All for One Creations!"


Let's connect and create magic together! Share your unique love story with us using the link below, and let All for One Creations be a part of your special day. We can't wait to capture the moments that will become cherished memories for a lifetime.

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